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Barielle Nail Art: Stripes

Hi everyone.  Yes, it’s been over two months since I posted.  I tried for a while to be more structured in my posting, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the structured life doesn’t quite work for me.  Not anymore. … Continue reading

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Barielle Swatch Series: Slate of Affairs, Swizzle Stix and Berry Blue

I didn’t post yesterday because my dog has a skin allergy and I had to take him to the vet.  It threw my whole day out of whack and now I’m playing catch up.  He’ll be fine as long as … Continue reading

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Barielle Swatch Series: U-Concrete Me, Date Night

Yesterday was what I call a lost day.  Exhaustion, brain fog and leg pain kept me in bed.  When I wasn’t sleeping, I played mini golf on my phone with random people.  Thanks to MBratton682 for many good games yesterday! … Continue reading

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Sunday Stamping: Winter theme

Hello!  Happy beginning of December!  Today’s stamping challenge was to do a winter theme.  I decided to go with a classic: snowflakes. This is China Glaze Sea Spray for the base, topped with Essie Carnival.  Stamp is Mash 47 with … Continue reading

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Blue with Silver Stars

For my last manicure, I asked my brother what colors I should use.  In keeping with that theme, I asked my mother what she would like to see for my next mani.  She asked for dark blue with stars. Request … Continue reading

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Sunday Stamping: Use an image plate whose number ends in the day of the month you were born.

Phew!  This week’s challenge is a mouthful.  However, I’m not sure how else it could be said! My birthday is Dec 21st, so I used plate BM21. I love, love, love this mani!  It’s just so pretty.  I’ve been wearing … Continue reading

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Real life has got in the way of my polish obsession.  Hence, no posts this past week.  *sigh* Here’s a manicure I did several weeks ago and just hadn’t posted yet. The polish is Barielle Slate of Affairs (purple) and … Continue reading

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Sunday Stamping: Goth

This week’s stamping challenge theme was ‘Goth’. I really don’t know what ‘Goth’ style is, except that it’s dark. I imagine lots of black and dark colors. Perhaps there’s something more to that theme, but I decided to do a … Continue reading

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Stamping Debut

There’s so many different nail art techniques and as a newbie to this obsessive hobby I am scrambling to catch up.  I finally tried my hand at stamping.  It is easy and hard.  Easy to get the stamp on the … Continue reading

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Barielle A Bouquet for Ava Swatches

I’ve got a new brand to look at today: Barielle.  I bought a few Barielles, but so far have only tried A Bouquet for Ava. First, an apology.  My camera could not capture this color correctly, no matter how I … Continue reading

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