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Cult Nails Swatch Series: Iconic

The change to Daylight Savings Time has somewhat thrown me.  My body is still living an hour earlier, while my head is trying to adjust to what the clock says.  Why do we do this to ourselves every year?  Actually, … Continue reading

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Sunday Stamping: Winter theme

Hello!  Happy beginning of December!  Today’s stamping challenge was to do a winter theme.  I decided to go with a classic: snowflakes. This is China Glaze Sea Spray for the base, topped with Essie Carnival.  Stamp is Mash 47 with … Continue reading

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China Glaze Swatch Series: Blues

Hello!  Today I start another swatch series.  This time it’s all my China Glaze polishes.  Today I’ll show you the blues, starting with Sea Spray. China Glaze Sea Spray is a pale blue-gray with a slight silver shimmer.  The shimmer … Continue reading

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Sunday Stamping: Stamp over glitter

I was excited for this challenge.  I’m not a huge fan of glitter – I prefer rich cremes – but if done right, it can look amazing.  I was hoping my design would be in that category, but stamping over … Continue reading

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Real life has got in the way of my polish obsession.  Hence, no posts this past week.  *sigh* Here’s a manicure I did several weeks ago and just hadn’t posted yet. The polish is Barielle Slate of Affairs (purple) and … Continue reading

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Sunday Stamping: Precious Stones

This week’s stamping challenge was to either use jewel-toned colors, or incorporate gemstones, or both.  I chose to do a gorgeous purple with a diamond check stamp and some glitter. I call it Amethysts and Diamonds. The base color is … Continue reading

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Rescue Beauty Lounge: Nail Art

Now that I’ve completed the swatch series, I wanted to show you various nail art with just Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes.  I tried different techniques and different color schemes: some polishes worked well with some techniques, some did not. First … Continue reading

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Sunday Stamping: Cupcakes for Ally

This week’s stamping challenge is ‘Something you Love’.  That’s a very broad topic!  I already had a design picked out for me by my adorable friend, Ally.  Cupcakes and glitter.  I personally love cupcakes, so this fit perfectly. For the … Continue reading

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Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatch Series: Sheers, White and Glitter

It’s my darling dog’s birthday today!  Kipling is now 4 years old.  His present was cheese, cheese and more cheese. Here he is on ‘his’ chair, with one of his favorite toys. For my fourth post in the Rescue Beauty … Continue reading

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The Hungry Asian Glitter Swatches

Last week, I mentioned that I would be posting swatches of the indie brand ‘The Hungry Asian‘ from Etsy.  These are glitter/layering polishes.  I saw Sneeze Breeze on another blog and was smitten.  I checked out the shop and came … Continue reading

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