Cult Nails Swatch Series: Charming

I’m being a lot more productive since I moved a small desk into my room.  I’m easy to please…it’s been days since I did that and I’m still happy about it!

Today’s swatch is Cult Nails Charming.


Cult Nails Charming

Cult Nails Charming is purple with a pink and purple iridescent shimmer.  Unfortunately, I had difficulty photographing this.  It is slightly more purple (less blue) IRL.  It is truly a lovely color.  It reminds me of Essie She’s Picture Perfect, although I don’t think they’re an absolute match.  I’ll have to do a comparison to know for sure.  The formula on this is thin and needed three coats for coverage.  bottle-icon44

I’m currently devising some nail art designs for my Cult Nails collection.  Any suggestions?  Please let me know!

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