Cult Nails Swatch Series: Evil Queen

Happy Friday, everyone!  I spent many hours last night swatching the rest of my Cult Nails polish.  I first spent a lot of time working on my cuticles and trying to make my dry, chipped nails look presentable.  They’re shorter than usual, but with newly moisturized cuticles and polish on, they don’t look half bad.

Today I have an amazing red to show you, Cult Nails Evil Queen.

Cult Nails Evil Queen

Cult Nails Evil Queen

Cult Nails Evil Queen is a fire engine red creme.  It is bright and beautiful.  This red to me is amazing because it is so pure.  There are no yellow, orange or brown tones. It is pure bright red.  The formula is great, too.  It wasn’t too runny or too thick.  It almost applied itself, it was so easy to work with.  The coverage is good as well.  This is two coats, although in the interest of full disclosure, my index finger has three coats in order to fix a smudge.  This gets my highest rating.  bottle-icon55

I loved this so much, after I finished swatching, I applied it to both hands.  I’ve been wearing greens and blues for a while, so it’s a nice treat to be wearing red.

Have a great weekend!

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