Sunday Stamping: New Year’s!!

Happy almost New Year’s everyone!  Today’s challenge was titled ‘Anything New Year’s & Party Nails’.  I took that to mean anything sparkly.  My idea was to try to emulate champagne bubbles.  What I ended up with was a subtle design that was hard to photograph.  You tell me if you think I succeeded!


The base color is Ludurana Maravilhosa (a pink holo) with Illamasqua Swinger stamped in Mash 50.  I put a matte topcoat on it in an effort to sharpen the design and reduce the sparkliness so I could photograph it better.  Since the pink and the gold are so close together, most of my pictures were just a blurry mess.  This is the best one, and I hate the shadows.  I couldn’t use flash and I haven’t yet built my lightbox.  Oh, well.  I think you can get an idea of what this looks like IRL.

Now I’m off to fling snow around my driveway (my weakling version of shoveling)!

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