Essie Nail Art, Part III

This week my mom and I are making cookies for our church’s annual ‘Cookie Walk’.  They are shortbread and they are heaven.  Buttery, beautiful shortbread.  As I was mixing some of the dough yesterday, I kept sampling it.  You know, to make sure I was making it right.  I guess I’d taken a little too much because my mom reminded me they were for charity.  Oops.  😉

Today’s nail art leans more toward the classical…with a twist.  I’ve never been good at doing french tips, but with my new striping tape I wanted to try again.


This is Essie Ballet Slippers with She’s Picture Perfect on the tips.  This turned out lovely.  I love the color combo and I think it looks elegant.  The striping tape makes french tips so much easier to do!

I then added some stamping with No More Film.


This is stamped with Mash 46.  I absolutely love this and it was very easy to do.  Since I just stamped a small image instead of over the whole nail, there was no cleanup.  I like having no cleanup!

Let me know if you like either of these.  I’d love to hear from you!

Have a great day!

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