Essie Nail Art, Part II

Today I’ve got some more nail art with my Essie polishes to show you.  Back on Black Friday, I purchased new dotting tools and striping tape, so I decided to put them to use.

First up are the dots.


The base color is Essie Midnight Cami.  For the dots, I used Turquoise and Caicos, She’s Picture Perfect and Orange, It’s Obvious.

Next is a cross-hatch design using my striping tape.


The striping tape makes very crisp lines, but I found it slightly difficult to place the tape exactly where I wanted it.  I think my middle finger was the most successful cross-hatch.  The base color is Essie She’s Picture Perfect.  I then laid the tape down and painted over the whole nail with Essie No More Film.  I removed the tape immediately, and voila! A pretty design.

Do you like either of these manis?

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