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Sunday Stamping: New Year’s!!

Happy almost New Year’s everyone!  Today’s challenge was titled ‘Anything New Year’s & Party Nails’.  I took that to mean anything sparkly.  My idea was to try to emulate champagne bubbles.  What I ended up with was a subtle design … Continue reading

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Illamasqua Swatch Series: Radium, Gamma, Jo’Mina and Rampage

Happy Friday!!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  I had a nice day with my family.  We had pretty much the same meal as Thanksgiving (baked instead of mashed potatoes, apple as well as pumpkin pie), went for a … Continue reading

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Sunday Stamping: the colors of my Christmas tree decorations

Today’s challenge was to use the colors of my Christmas tree decorations.  This year, my tree has a lot of jewel tones in the lights and ornaments.  I chose to use magenta, blue, green and silver. For the base, I … Continue reading

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Illamasqua Swatch Series: Monogamous, Faithful and Swinger

Today is my birthday!  It coincides with the Winter Solstice, and this year, the Mayan Apocalypse.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  🙂 For my next swatch series, I have some polish from Illamasqua.  This first set is … Continue reading

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Carson’s Jigsaw Nails

Back at the end of October, I did my first set of jigsaw nails.  My brother had chosen the colors, and it had turned out quite well.  After he saw the result (and liked it), I asked him to give … Continue reading

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butter London Swatches: Bumster and Big Smoke

Yesterday I used a snowblower for the first time.  There was just 3 inches of snow or so, but I’m proud that I was able to clear the driveway.  Unfortunately, it was also exhausting, which is why I didn’t get … Continue reading

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Sunday Stamping: Red Base

I am still reeling from the Friday shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.  My heart and prayers goes out to the victims, their families and the community. It may seem trivial to do nail art at a time like this, but … Continue reading

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