China Glaze Nail Art, Part III

Hello, fellow nailophiles!  Or would that be polishophiles?  I’m actually out of town today and was organized enough to do this post ahead of time.  As you read this, I’m being poked and prodded at Vanderbilt University Hospital for my autonomic disorder.  It’s called POTS – more details here, if you’re interested.

Let’s talk about something more exciting.  Today I’ve got the last of my China Glaze nail art.

Isn’t this watermarble divine?  I used China Glaze Fast Track as the base color, and then Starboard, Liquid Leather and Fast Track for the marbling.  I marbled my thumb twice because the first design came out very simple.  I got lazy and instead of redoing the entire thing, I marbled it again.  Except for the dark green stripe, the thumb didn’t turn out that bad.

I’d love to hear what you think about this mani.  Let me know below!

I hope you’re having a good day and may it continue!

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2 Responses to China Glaze Nail Art, Part III

  1. Wow. This is awesome marbeling! U make me want to try my hand at marbeling!!

    • indigo45fly says:

      Thank you – that’s a wonderful compliment! I hope you do. I was intimidated by it initially, but now, with practice, it doesn’t take that long and the results can be stunning. Good luck!

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