China Glaze Nail Art, Part II

Good morning!  Happy Cyber Monday!  I just got two polishes with butter London’s sale ($10 plus free shipping with code CYBER12).  So happy.  I also got some new image plates, new dotting tools and striping tape on Black Friday.  That’s the extent of my after-Thanksgiving shopping, but I’m pleased with the deals I got.  And, being online, no pushing and shoving required!

Today I’ve got another China Glaze nail art manicure to show you: the color block mani.

The base color is China Glaze For Audrey.  I used Liquid Leather for the lines, utilizing a striping brush (any brush with just a few long thin bristles will do).  I then filled in random squares with Purple Panic and Electric Beat.  I used scotch tape to make the filling in process easier.

I love this!  Bright and pretty and sort of random.

BTW, I realized I didn’t report on how my first pumpkin pie went.  I was disappointed, but my family liked it, which is what counts.  It didn’t set well and also tasted too molasses-y.  Next time I won’t use molasses and will add another egg to help it set.  I was using the recipe from the can of pumpkin, but personal taste necessitates some tweaking.

I hope you have a great day!

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