China Glaze Nail Art, Part I

Hello!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Mine was very nice: we had a good meal, we took the dog to the river to play (he had an awesome time), and then we watched a movie.  We also went through some of my dad’s keepsakes, which was very emotional, but it was still nice.  I didn’t want to go through the day without acknowledging he wasn’t there.  And going through some of the things he’d saved over the years made me feel like he was there in spirit.

I finally got to show my brother (who I hadn’t seen for a while and doesn’t have internet!!) the nails I had done with his color choice (pink and yellow jigsaw nails).  He really liked the jigsaw pattern and chose 4 colors for me to do another one.  That’s one manicure that will take a few hours, so I’ll get to that after I finish with all the China Glaze nail art and comparisons I’ve got coming up.

So, today I have some China Glaze nail art to show you.

The first is purple with a green stripe.  This is for my friend Kris, who chose the color scheme.

This is China Glaze Gothic Lolita with a triangular stripe of China Glaze Starboard.  This is nothing fancy, but I like the color contrast and the simplicity of it.

The next is a pink gradient with tiger stripes.

The gradient is China Glaze Dance Baby to China Glaze Purple Panic, stamped with China Glaze Liquid Leather using BM 16.  I think this turned out really well and I’m very happy with it!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a great holiday weekend!

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