China Glaze Swatch Series: Beige and Black

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is just two days away.  I feel like November has just flown by.  I’m making the pumpkin pie this year – it’s the first time I’ll be attempting to make it.  Wish me luck!

Today I’m wrapping up my China Glaze swatch series.  The first polish I have to show you is Fast Track, the only polish I got from the Hunger Games collection.

China Glaze Fast Track

China Glaze Fast Track is beige with a gold shimmer.  As you can see from the picture, there’s some serious shimmer going on.  It is gorgeous.  Depending on the light, there’s either a pink or green hue from the gold shimmer.  The formula is slightly sheer, but neither thick nor runny.  This is three coats.  

Next up is Liquid Leather.

China Glaze Liquid Leather

China Glaze Liquid Leather is a black creme.  It is one of my go-to black polishes (such as for base color or stamping).  The color is a perfect inky shade and has beautiful coverage.  The formula is just right – not streaky, sheer, runny or thick.  This is two coats.  

What is your go-to black polish?


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