Sinful Colors Dream On and Let’s Talk

I picked up a couple of Sinful Colors at my local Rite Aid just recently and couldn’t wait to try them.  The colors are gorgeous.  Unfortunately, my camera did not do a good job capturing the colors accurately.  So, the following pictures are color-corrected via my photo editing software program.  The results are closer, but still not entirely accurate.  However, I hope that between the picture and my description, you’ll get the idea.

First up is Sinful Colors Dream On.

Sinful Colors Dream On

Dream On is a magenta creme.  My camera made this look like a regular pink.  I color-corrected it to the above, but it truly has more berry in it than I could coax out of my software.  Gorgeous saturated color.  The formula is good, although slightly runny.  This is three coats.  It dries to a semi-matte finish, but I’m showing it with a shiny topcoat (Seche Vite).  

Next is Sinful Colors Let’s Talk.

Sinful Colors Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk is a bright royal purple with a slight lavender shimmer.  This photographed blue.  Yesterday’s post was a nail design over this mani.  I did not color-correct that picture.  You can see how it looks blue.  There really is no blue in this polish IRL.  I tried to color-correct the photo as best I could.  Unfortunately the picture looks a little pixellated, especially where the light is reflecting off the bottle and nails.  Even so, the color is much more accurate than in the original picture.  Formula-wise, it is thicker than Dream On.  This is three coats.  

I am looking into constructing a light box.  I can’t afford a new camera, so I have to figure out how to be more accurate with the equipment I’ve got or can make.  I’ve found a few tutorials on how to make a light box and so that’s on my agenda next week. I hope it will make a positive difference!

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