Sunday Stamping: Stamp over glitter

I was excited for this challenge.  I’m not a huge fan of glitter – I prefer rich cremes – but if done right, it can look amazing.  I was hoping my design would be in that category, but stamping over glitter is much harder than I thought it would be!

I had another design in mind, but that was a fail.  This is my second attempt and I think it came out well.  Not amazing, but pretty.

The glitter base is Sneeze Breeze by The Hungry Asian.  I used China Glaze Liquid Leather for the stripes (BM20).

Here is my first attempt.  My initial thought was to use silver and gold.  I thought it would be pretty, and I was right.

The base is Nails Inc Hatton Garden.  The gold tips are Nails Inc Chelsea Embankment.  This would have been great if I just stopped there.  But this was a stamping challenge, so I thought, why not snowflakes?  Unfortunately, they ended up looking like spiders.

My lesson learned here is that given glitter’s nature (multi-colored and sparkly), it can obscure delicate designs.  I have no doubt that this snowflake design would look great on a creme base.  But on this glitter base, it’s hard to see what it is, and it just looks strange.  It’s much better, at least for my talent level, to use bolder designs like in my second mani.

What do you think?  Don’t the snowflakes look like spiders?

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One Response to Sunday Stamping: Stamp over glitter

  1. Melissa says:

    They do look like spiders. 🙂 I love your second mani. The stamping is great and the colors are amazing.

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