Jigsaw Nails

What to do when it’s windy and rainy?  My nails, of course!  Sometimes it’s hard to decide what colors to use and/or what design to try.  This time, I left the color choice up to my brother.  He was over this weekend, helping with the yard work and I showed him my beautiful blue nails from the Sunday challenge.  He sort of grunted and then I asked him, ‘what color should I use on my next mani?’.  Without any hesitation, he said, ‘Pink and yellow.’  Okay, then! (I think he thought he was tripping me up, but wait until he sees the result!)

For the design, I decided to try to recreate a manicure I’d seen several months ago, the Jigsaw manicure.  The original picture can be found here.

Good color choice, bro!

This is Zoya Pippa and Lara.  It was surprisingly simple to accomplish, although it did take longer than most manis.  I put a base color of Pippa on with Seche Vite fast dry topcoat and then waited about 20 minutes to make sure they were totally dry.  I then used scotch tape to tape off the upper left corner of my nails (from this photo’s perspective) and then painted them pink with Lara.  I put another topcoat on and waited another 20 minutes.  Then I taped off the lower right corner and painted that pink.  At this point, I had 2 pink and 2 yellow squares on each nail.  Using a dotting tool, I put a three-quarter circle dot on the border of each color to make the interlocking jigsaw pieces.  Another topcoat, some surprisingly little cleanup and I was done.

This was a fun mani to do.  I can’t wait to try other color combos.

My prayers continue to be with all of us in this hurricane.  May you stay safe and dry and warm.

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