Zoya Swatch Series: Shimmers

Yesterday’s trip to the DMV was very successful, which was a relief.  The first time I went, there were 30 people in line ahead of me.  In twenty minutes, no one moved.  So, I decided not to stay for what surely would have been at least a three hour wait, and went back yesterday.  This time, just four people were ahead of me!  I was so happy.  I’m pleased by the littlest things.

Today is the final post for my Zoya swatch series.  Let’s do a little shimmer!

First is Yara, a forest green with a green-gold shimmer.

Zoya Yara

Zoya Yara

The color on this was promising, but didn’t quite deliver.  As you can see from the bottom picture, it has a muddy gray tinge.  In full light (the top picture), it looks gorgeous, but unless you walked around with a spotlight on your nails, you’re out of luck.  So, not horrible, but not great, either.  Formula-wise, it was sheer and needed four coats.  It’s possible my coats could have been too thin, though.  Overall, I give this .

Next is Skylar, a slate blue with an unusual shimmer.

Zoya Skylar

Zoya Skylar

In these pictures, the shimmer looks silver, but in person, it seemed to be gold and copper, with a touch of green.  It’s really attractive.  The formula was good, just a little on the sheer side.  This was three coats.  This gets  .

Last is Tru, a royal purple with a copper shimmer.

Zoya Tru

Zoya Tru

This purple is okay, but my reaction to it was bleh.  It just didn’t excite me.  And I love purples!  I’m not sure what it is about it, but I just didn’t like it that much.  The formula was the same as Skylar: good, but sheer.  This is three coats.  

Next, I’ve got a bunch of nail art planned, designed to showcase all of the Zoyas in this swatch series.  It’s going to be a busy weekend!  Tune in Monday.  In the meantime, have a great weekend!

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4 Responses to Zoya Swatch Series: Shimmers

  1. Really like Yara and Tru! Skylar is very pretty too, but to me it looks to much like OPI’s ‘I Have A Herring Problem’.

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