Zoya Swatch Series: Muted Cremes

Hello!  I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday.  I’ve moved to New Hampshire from Virginia and it is definitely colder up here.  People in NH will probably think I’m wimpy, thinking it’s cold and winter hasn’t really started, but having lived in the south for the past 18 years (Florida, Texas, Virginia), I got too used to the warm weather.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a long winter!

So, today I have the rest of my Zoya cremes.  These are colors more suited to the season, but no less gorgeous than yesterday’s post.

First is Kelly, a dark blue-toned gray.

Zoya Kelly

Zoya Kelly

I wasn’t sure about Kelly while I was putting on the first two coats.  It was a little sheer and seemed kind of bleh.  Then the third coat deepened the color and this gorgeous color emerged.  The formula is also self-leveling.  I give this .

Next is Bevin, a gray/blue-toned mint green.

Zoya Bevin

Zoya Bevin

This was also sheer and took three coats.  It was slightly ridgey during the application, but thin careful coats took care of that.  This is a very unique color for my collection.  I’m not even sure how to categorize it.  Is it green?  Or a light teal?  Well, I’m calling it in the green family, and its uniqueness earns it .

Lastly, I have Dree, a simply gorgeous yellow-toned olive green.

Zoya Dree

Zoya Dree

This is quite literally the olive green I’ve been looking for.  Other olive greens I’ve tried have a gray tone, and end up being drab. But this one has a brightness to it from it’s yellow tint that makes it seem lit from within.  The formula is good (no streaks or ridges), just a little sheer, so I needed three coats.  I’d love to give it my top rating because I love the color so much, but the formula isn’t perfect.  This gets .

So, all three of these got a 4-bottle rating.  The colors are definitely mesmerizing.  The formulas just weren’t quite 5-bottle rating worthy.

Have a great day!

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