Comparison Swatches: White, Green and Orange

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed several polishes that are similar to each other, though maybe not exact dupes.  I thought it would be fun to do some comparison swatches and see how close they really are.  I have three today and then another three comparisons next week.

First is Rescue Beauty Lounge Bella Donna and Essie Marshmallow.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Bella Donna, Essie Marshmallow

Taken with direct flash.

Taken with no flash, overhead light.

These two look very close.  However, looking at the second picture, you can see that Bella Donna has a more off-white tone to it.  It’s subtle, but definitely different than Marshmallow.

Next, some pretty greens: Rescue Beauty Lounge Abiquiu and butter London Dosh.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Abiquiu, butter London Dosh


The greens are very close on these.  It is the difference in the shimmers that really set these apart.  Dosh has a gold shimmer, while Abiquiu’s is silvery.  Overall, Dosh is much more shimmery.  Abiquiu ends up looking much lighter.

Last an orange trifecta: Rescue Beauty Lounge Santa Fe, Zoya Sienna and Sinful Colors Luminary.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Santa Fe Road, Zoya Sienna, Sinful Colors Luminary


As you can see, Santa Fe Road definitely has a brown tone.  Luminary ends up looking like a pale peach next to Sienna.  Sienna is definitely the more vibrant of the three, but even it isn’t straight orange: it has a red tone.

This was a fun experiment for me.  I hope you learned something as well!

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