Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatch Series: Green

Hello, hello!  Today is the last in my swatch series of Rescue Beauty Lounge.  Next will be some nail art that I hope you will like.  So far, it’s been a big fail on my part.  Last night I attempted to do some gradients, but for the life of me, I couldn’t get it to work.  I can do stamping and water marbling, but gradients? No.  Arghh.  I will keep on trying though.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

First, some lovely greens from the GOMM collection.  Here’s Abiquiu.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Abiquiu

Rescue Beauty Lounge Abiquiu

Abiquiu is the color of a granny smith apple, with a slight silver shimmer.  It’s a very happy green.  I thought it was similar to butter London Dosh, but Abiquiu is lighter, with more yellow.  Even so, it’s now on my list of comparisons to do.

The formula on this was exactly like the one on Santa Fe Road.  On the thick side, it didn’t self-level and I had to be cognizant of the brush strokes.  The above is two coats.  I give it .

Lastly, here is Jack in the Pulpit.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Jack in the Pulpit

Rescue Beauty Lounge Jack in the Pulpit

Jack in the Pulpit is a dark teal with royal blue shimmer.  This is to die for.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  The formula is also amazing.  It’s smooth and self-leveling and almost opaque in one coat.  The above is two coats.  This is definitely one of my favorite RBLs.  !!!

This concludes my Rescue Beauty Lounge swatch series.  I’m taking votes – which brand should I swatch next?

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7 Responses to Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatch Series: Green

  1. Aphan says:

    I’d love to see unique colors from Chanel, Ciate or Deborah Lippmann!
    Your swatches are amazing! Thank you!

    • indigo45fly says:

      Thanks so much! I’m currently saving up for another round of polish buying – and will definitely keep those brands in mind. The ones I listed in the poll are ones I already have. Thanks for reading!!

  2. Christine says:

    Your manis are beautiful!!!! I wear Abi right now too and just love it. Had the same experience with the formula, glad I’m not the only one

  3. normandlou says:

    My radiant never comes out right either!!!

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