Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatch Series: Sheers, White and Glitter

It’s my darling dog’s birthday today!  Kipling is now 4 years old.  His present was cheese, cheese and more cheese.

Here he is on ‘his’ chair, with one of his favorite toys.

For my fourth post in the Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatch Series, I’m going to show you several different polishes.

The first is called Sheer Pink.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Sheer Pink

This is definitely sheer, but it’s not pink.  It’s a soft peach jelly, that makes my nails look like they’ve just yellowed with too much polish.  I ordered it at the beginning of my polish experimentation, and for some reason, the dissonance between the color in the bottle and the name intrigued me.  I wanted to know how it would look, and as most of you know, as soon as you start thinking that way, you must have it!  Unfortunately, in this case, I was disappointed.

That said, it can be used a base color for nail art, or as a jelly sandwich (one is below).  The formula was slightly streaky, but not bad.  I don’t think it would ever get opaque, and to be fair, it’s not meant to.  This is three coats.  I give it  for the disappointing color.

Next is a glitter named Locavore.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Locavore over Sheer Pink

I put two coats of Locavore over Sheer Pink.  Locavore is a predominantly gold glitter with pieces of pink, blue and green glitter throughout.  The gold is fairly dark and while it seemed very shiny in the bottle, that sparkly/shininess didn’t translate well onto the nail.  At least with this base color, anyway.

I thought Locavore might mean something – like I’d heard it before but couldn’t remember.  So I looked it up and it means a person who likes to eat locally grown food.  I get it!  Instead of carni-vore or herbi-vore, it’s a loca-vore!

I decided to put a layer of Sheer Pink over all of it.  This is the result:

Rescue Beauty Lounge Locavore, Sheer Pink jelly sandwich

I really like how this turned out.  With one coat of Sheer Pink, the glitter all of a sudden is very colorful.

This is my first jelly sandwich!  I need to try this with a white base color, the glitter and then the Sheer Pink over top.

The next polish is Sheer Red.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Sheer Red

Sheer Red is a sheer red jelly.  It makes my finger look like they have been dipped in maraschino cherry juice.  I love the depth that the jelly finish gives my nails.  This is three coats.  The formula is good.  This gets .

Next, I have a lovely white to show you.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Bella Donna

Rescue Beauty Lounge Bella Donna

From the GOMM Collection, Bella Donna is a soft white.  It reminds me of Essie Marshmallow  but it’s not as streaky.  Overall the formula is very nice for a white.  I also like the shade very much.  .

I then applied Sheer Red over Bella Donna, just because I was curious.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Sheer Red over Bella Donna

The result is a pepto pink with red depths.  A very intriguing outcome and one that I like very much.  This is two coats.

I didn’t have time to try Sheer Pink over Bella Donna, but that may also result in something interesting.  I think I will try Sheer Red and Sheer Pink over many different base colors and with glitters for jelly sandwiches.  Experimenting is half the fun!

This wraps up today’s post.  It continues to be very hot here in Virginia.  I’m looking forward to some cooler temperatures next week (rumored to be 85 on Monday – a veritable chill, relatively speaking).  Take care and keep cool!

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