Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatch Series: Blue

Good morning!  Today is the start of my Rescue Beauty Lounge swatch series.  During these past 6 months, I have acquired lots of polish.  I haven’t had a hobby in a long time and I had forgotten how obsessive it can be.  I used to be into knitting and I collected yarn like it was going out of style.  Unfortunately, due to a pinched nerve in my left elbow, it becomes painful to knit, so I had divested myself of most of my yarn (although there’s still some I can’t bear to give away – sometimes I just take out the skeins, look at them and imagine the beautiful sweaters or afghans they would make).  I’ve now replaced my yarn obsession with polish.

So, now I’ve got lots of polish and I’ve been trying to think of ways to showcase it here on my blog in a way that makes sense.  I don’t have complete collections, just colors that interested me from brands I saw on other blogs and wanted to try.  I have now put myself on a polish ‘diet’ (no new polish for at least 2 months), so I don’t want to run out of polish to review.  I also didn’t like the random way I was reviewing them before.  So last week, I decided to feature each brand for a week and then do some sort of nail art at the end of the feature.  Last week I worked through the rest of my A Englands, and for the next week and a half I’ve got Rescue Beauty Lounge.

Looking at my RBLs, I decided to group them by color.  Today, I’m starting with the blues.

Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB: 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge IKB: 2012

Oh my goodness.  IKB:2012 practically renders me speechless.  It is a complete stunner.  Named after ‘International Klein Blue’, a blue first mixed and popularized by painter Yves Klein, this is part of the Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection.  It is a saturated blue jelly, with a squishy looking finish.  The finish had a slight rubbery dullness to it, but topcoat (Seche Vite of course) adds a perfect shine.

Unfortunately, the formula is truly horrible.  It’s clumpy and unmanageable.  After I pulled the brush over the nail with the polish, long strings of it would hang off the end of my nail as if I was pulling pieces of pizza apart and the polish was the cheese.  I was so disappointed.  I put it aside for a few days, then tried again.  Same thing.  However, I couldn’t let it go and declare it a fail.  I was too enamored of the color.  Perhaps if it was more generic, I would have written it off.  Instead, I decided to try polish thinner for the first time.

I added 12 drops of thinner (Orly Nail Lacquer Thinner).  After that the polish was very manageable and applied nicely.  Two coats for the pictures above.

That was three weeks ago.  How about now?  What is the effect of the thinner on the polish over time?  Those were the questions I asked myself.  So, I tried it out again today.  The polish had thickened up a little.  In order to keep the clumpiness down, I used real thin coats, which meant I needed a total of three coats this time.  However, it wasn’t so thick that I couldn’t manage it.  I would suspect that I might have to add some more thinner as time goes on.

If this wasn’t such a beautiful color, I wouldn’t bother.  But I can’t overstate how gorgeous this blue is.  If you like blues, this is a must for your collection, although a risk due to the formula.  The pictures above don’t do this color justice.  The polish is way more saturated in real life.  In fact, while wearing it, every time I looked at my nails, I was surprised how vibrantly blue they were.  It’s like I couldn’t fix the color accurately in my mind.

[Those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time might wonder if butter London Blagger is a dupe.  They look real close, but Blagger actually looks teal next to IKB: 2012.  A comparison post is in the works and then you’ll be able to see for yourself and not just take my word for it!]

With no thinner, this is .  However, I believe that using thinner is worth it and once used, the polish is .

The next blue I have to show you is from the Georgia on my Mind collection.  The newest polishes from RBL, this collection is inspired by Georgia O’Keefe.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Faraway Nearby

Rescue Beauty Lounge Faraway Nearby

Faraway Nearby is a dark cornflower blue with a subtle green shimmer.  The green shimmer lends it a turquoise-y tone, but it is not turquoise.  It’s close to what is considered carolina blue (University of North Carolina colors).

The formula is a little thin and draggy (as opposed to thin and runny).  However, it’s self-leveling and opaque in three coats.

This is an interesting and pretty blue.  I thought it was close to Sinful Colors Sweet Dreams, but the green shimmer in this one gives it a different depth and dimension.  This gets .

Have you ever used thinner?  What situation did you use it in?

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