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Comparison Swatches: Blue and Purple

This post is the conclusion to my 2-part comparison series.  The first one compared some white, green and orange polishes.  In this one, I will show you some blues and purple. First up, butter London HRH and Essie Sexy Divide. … Continue reading

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Sunday Stamping: Red and Black

It has been so long, I feel like I don’t know how to post anymore.  Not only haven’t I posted anything of note recently, but my nails were actually bare for over a week!!  It’s horrible!  I’ve had a flare … Continue reading

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Real life has got in the way of my polish obsession.  Hence, no posts this past week.  *sigh* Here’s a manicure I did several weeks ago and just hadn’t posted yet. The polish is Barielle Slate of Affairs (purple) and … Continue reading

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Sunday Stamping: Precious Stones

This week’s stamping challenge was to either use jewel-toned colors, or incorporate gemstones, or both.  I chose to do a gorgeous purple with a diamond check stamp and some glitter. I call it Amethysts and Diamonds. The base color is … Continue reading

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Comparison Swatches: White, Green and Orange

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed several polishes that are similar to each other, though maybe not exact dupes.  I thought it would be fun to do some comparison swatches and see how close they really are.  I have … Continue reading

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Rescue Beauty Lounge: Nail Art

Now that I’ve completed the swatch series, I wanted to show you various nail art with just Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes.  I tried different techniques and different color schemes: some polishes worked well with some techniques, some did not. First … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned So Far

My obsession with nail polish started just a few months ago.  Before that, I had major difficulty giving myself a good manicure.  Instead, I would go to the salon and watch carefully and wonder how their result could look so … Continue reading

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