A England Perceval Swatches

I’m currently trying to read ‘Anna Karenina’ by Leo Tolstoy.  I usually read books very quickly, but this one I am having a devil of a time trying to get through.  I can see why it’s a classic, but it’s just got all these extraneous moments that more modern books do not have.  It kind of meanders a bit (Levin’s farming! Karenin’s politics! are they necessary to the story??).  Perhaps all of it ties together in the end, but in the meantime it is very slow going.

I love to read and in fact, I am working on my own work of fiction.  Hopefully, someday, if I ever actually finish it, people will want to read it.  What is your favorite book?  Please share with me in the comments.  Mine is ‘Watership Down’ by Richard Adams.  Truly the best book ever.  I’ve read it over a dozen times and each time it is just as good as the last.

Okay, back to my other love: nail polish.  The polish today is the last of my A England stash.  I don’t have all of them, but I don’t foresee myself getting any more until a new collection comes out.

A England Perceval

A England Perceval

A England Perceval

A England Perceval is a bright warm-toned cranberry with red microglitter.  The formula is thick and frosty.  The above is two coats.

It’s an arresting shade, but didn’t look that good on me, mainly because some (not all) warm tones make me look yellowish.  There’s not much more to say about this.  I thought I would like it, and it looked unique in the bottle, but my overall reaction is meh.  

I hate ending my A England stash review on a low note, so stay tuned for a pretty watermarble tomorrow, using only A England polishes!

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4 Responses to A England Perceval Swatches

  1. colormeehdope1 says:

    This is an awesome candy appl red color! Must have it! Can u buy it online? Im in usa

  2. indigo45fly says:

    If you like reds, you’ll definitely love this one! There’s several places to buy it online. I don’t know if any physical stores carry it. I got it from A England’s website. They do ship to the US. http://www.a-england.co.uk
    Also, the online store Llarowe carries A England, but I don’t know if they have this color. http://shop.llarowe.com/

  3. Christine says:

    Oh this looks so lovely, however, I passed on this, I seem to have so many glittery, shimmery reds…. On to my favorite book – hmmmm hard to decide. I’d say The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga. A story telling the life of a man being a servant, philosopher, entrepreneur, murderer. While reading I laughed, cried and was at all times captivated. And then the Millenium Trilogy by Stig Larsson. As for Tolstoi: I hear you – I’ve been there 😉

    • indigo45fly says:

      I’ll definitely check out The White Tiger – sounds intriguing. I’ve resisted Stig Larsson’s trilogy only to be contrary, but eventually I will read them. Thanks for the recommendations!

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