A England Princess Tears Swatches

It’s another beautiful day today here in Virginia.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could package good-weather days somehow?  I would pay a lot for that.

Today I have another gorgeous A England polish to show you.  I’m constantly on the lookout for a new collection from Adina, the creator of A England.  Her work is so amazing.  Any new polishes will be incredible!

A England Princess Tears


A England Princess Tears

From The Legends collection, A England Princess Tears is a pink-infused soft lilac with a holographic shimmer.  One of those polishes that causes you to constantly look at your nails at different angles and in different light just to see how it looks.

The formula is on the thin side and while the above is two coats and looks perfectly opaque, in real life there was still some VNL.  In addition, there is a slight frostiness, which showed some brush strokes.  Because of these issues, it gets .

Tomorrow will be my last A England polish (at least for a little while).  Next week I’ll be featuring Rescue Beauty Lounge, including some of the new polishes from the Georgia on my Mind collection.

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