The Hungry Asian Glitter Swatches

Last week, I mentioned that I would be posting swatches of the indie brand ‘The Hungry Asian‘ from Etsy.  These are glitter/layering polishes.  I saw Sneeze Breeze on another blog and was smitten.  I checked out the shop and came away with two mini and one full size polish.

For all of these, I will show you how it looks on a bare nail and then over different colors.  I hope this will give you a good idea what it can look like.  One of the main things with a layering polish (whether it’s a glitter or flakie or something else), is to choose a good base color to pair it with.  I’m a very visual person, so I needed to see them over different colors, just to see how they looked.

First, there’s Vote for Purple.  It has dark purple and silvery lilac glitter in a clear base.

The Hungry Asian Vote for Purple over white and black

I alternated a white and black base because I was curious how each would affect the glitter.  The glitter is two coats. I used this as a base color for my stamp design last Sunday (see here).

The Hungry Asian Vote for Purple by itself

This is on a bare nail.  Just one coat.  You can see that it looks a lot less silver with just one coat.  The rest of the pictures are all just one coat.

The Hungry Asian Vote for Purple over Essie She’s Picture Perfect

I used Essie She’s Picture Perfect for the base color on this one.  The glitter ends up looking darker.  I don’t think the base has the right tone to enhance the glitter.  So I tried another purple base.

The Hungry Asian Vote for Purple over Cult Nails Charming

I think Cult Nails Charming works better as a base color.  It’s slightly cooler and brings out the lilac in the glitter more.  However, I wasn’t completely satisfied, so I decided to try it over a dark purple.

The Hungry Asian over Essie No More Film

I think Essie No More Film works the best.  The dark contrast of the base really makes Vote for Purple pop.

Next up is On A Budget.  This has small dark and light green pieces with multi-colored cirles and larger circular gold pieces mixed in, all in a clear base.

The Hungry Asian On A Budget by itself

Isn’t that mini bottle the cutest ever?

The Hungry Asian On A Budget over butter London Bossy Boots

For this, I used butter London Bossy Boots.  By itself, Bossy Boots is a light green, however, with On A Budget, it ends up looking yellow.  This is the first time I realized that glitter can drastically change how the base color looks.  For On A Budget, the light color base emphasizes its multi-colored glitter.

The Hungry Asian On A Budget over Cult Nails Feeling Froggy

The base color on this is Cult Nails Feeling Froggy.  I like this combo the best.  The larger gold pieces pop out, but the rest isn’t washed away.

Next up is Sneeze Breeze, also in a mini-bottle.  It has small turquoise and sky blue pieces mixed in with slightly larger black (or are they dark blue? hard to tell) pieces in a clear base.

The Hungry Asian Sneeze Breeze by itself

This is the most opaque of the glitters.  I think just one or two more coats and you could wear this by itself.

The Hungry Asian Sneeze Breeze over China Glaze Sea Spray

The different blue glitters really come out over this light blue base (China Glaze Sea Spray).  I love how all the different blues combine together on the nail.  Very pretty!

The Hungry Asian Sneeze Breeze over China Glaze Electric Beat

I think China Glaze Electric Beat overwhelms Sneeze Breeze.  Over a lighter blue is definitely better.

I’ve felt for a while now that my rating system doesn’t quite work for glitters.  I want something different from a glitter than I do a polish.  So, I’m working on tweaking my rating system to include what I’m looking for in a glitter, which is: not having to fish for pieces, a fairly dense glitter, uniform coverage, great combination of glitters – both size and color.

Overall, these glitters are very nice.  My favorite turned out to be On A Budget.  I really like the different size glitters.  Sneeze Breeze has a great blue color to it.  Vote for Purple doesn’t seem to be that unique, but for someone like me who is building her collection, it’s a good one to have.

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