Sunday Stamping: Goth

This week’s stamping challenge theme was ‘Goth’. I really don’t know what ‘Goth’ style is, except that it’s dark. I imagine lots of black and dark colors. Perhaps there’s something more to that theme, but I decided to do a dark purple with a gray color stamp.

For the base color, I used Barielle Hidden Hideaway, a deep plum that shows brighter in direct light.  I used plate BM19 and butter London Chimney Sweep for the stamp.  It’s a subtle look, and at first glance you can’t tell there’s a stamp, but once you look closely, especially in bright light, you get a little surprise at the complexity of the pattern.  I’m pleased with the outcome.  So many times I have an idea, but it doesn’t work in execution.  This came out pretty close to what I imagined.

So, what do you think?  Goth, or not?

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