A England Ascalon Swatches

It was so hot yesterday in Virginia that I felt like I was moving through soup.  Not my favorite type of weather.  Amazingly, my dog doesn’t seem affected even though he has tons of black fur.  When I took him outside, I stood in the shade and he kept on pulling me out to the sun.  Weather doesn’t seem to faze him that much, which I suppose is good – except when it fazes me!!

Today I have another gorgeous A England polish to show you.  It is very unique and just misses getting my highest rating because of a thin formula.

A England Ascalon

A England Ascalon

A England Ascalon

A England Ascalon

From The Legends collection, A England Ascalon is a purple-toned gray with a holographic glitter.  I’m showing you more swatches than usual so that you can see how the holo looks from every angle and in different light.  The last picture is fuzzier than I like, but shows how gorgeous the holo is.  Tending to green, the holo glitter gives the polish a stunning finish.

The formula was thin, although not too runny, and was easy to manage.  The above is three coats, which was needed for full opacity.  Therefore, this gets .

I love my A England polishes and this one is no exception.

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