butter London HRH Swatches

I was taking a look at my polish collection (which is slowly but surely growing) and realized that I have more purples than any other color.  I guess that’s my go-to color!  There are so many shades of purple, from lavender and lilac to grape and eggplant and everything in between.  So, no surprise that I have another great purple to show you.

butter London HRH

butter London HRH

butter London HRH

This is butter London HRH.  For those who don’t know, HRH means ‘his/her royal highness’ and denotes a member of the royal family in Britain.  In keeping with its name, butter London HRH is a royal purple.  It could also be described as a bright grape.  The polish has a subtle reddish pink shimmer.  It is extremely purple, way more than the images above show.  I simply love this color.

The formula is slightly runny, but not too thin for opacity.  It covers nicely in two coats.  There’s a slight frost to it, and some brush strokes showed, but it’s not a true frost – which is good, because frost not my favorite finish.

For the first time, I wish I had more choices for my rating system, because I’d give this 4.5 bottles.  It’s greater than 4 because of only needing two coats, but less than a 5 due to the frostiness.  When judging things, I believe it’s better to round down than up, so I give this .

Do you have a go-to color?  If so, what is it?

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