Sunday Stamping: Something with Glitter and Hot, Hot, Hot

I’m continuing with my stamping group on Facebook and our weekly challenges.  I have two to show you today: one from last week and then this week’s challenge.

This week’s challenge was ‘something with glitter’.  I was psyched for this challenge.  It gave me the perfect excuse to use an indie glitter I got from The Hungry Asian on Etsy.  I actually got three glitters and will review all three later this week.  For now, here’s what I came up with for the challenge.

I alternated China Glaze Liquid Leather and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls on my nails.  I did this because I wanted to see how the glitter looked against both colors.  I personally like how the black darkens the glitter, but I don’t like the rims of black polish peeking out.  The white peeks out, too, but for some reason I think it looks better.

I used two coats of The Hungry Asian Vote for Purple and then used stamp BM16 with Liquid Leather for the diamond checks.

I liked how it turned out.  My camera freaks out with the glitter, so the images look a little fuzzy.  The overall effect is textured nails.

Last week’s challenge was ‘Hot, Hot, Hot’.  In other words, bright colors befitting summer.

This is Illamasqua Radium, an amazing electric green with a slight shimmer.  The stamp is with OPI Black Onyx and plate BM16.  After I was done, I felt it needed something extra, so I topped it off with an orange flakie, Up Colors Flocado.

Another successful challenge, I think!  I did realize though, that I need bigger sized designs.  As you can see from above, none of my nails are completely covered by the design.  I tried to dab portions of the design on the ‘bald’ areas (look at my thumbnail, for instance), but it didn’t quite work.  Given the type of design, though, I don’t think it was a glaring problem for this mani.

Happy Stamping!

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