Sunday Stamping

As I mentioned in my Stamping Debut post, I joined a group on Facebook devoted to stamping.  Called Adventures in Stamping, there are weekly challenges.  I’ve taken part in the last three (this week included) and plan on sharing with you what I come up with.  I think I’ve done okay, but then I look at some of the others’ designs and I’m blown away.  I definitely have more to learn!

First up is from two weeks ago.  “The Sky’s the Limit” was the challenge, which meant you could do anything that had to do with the sky.  My stamp plate collection is fairly limited at this time, so I went with stars.

This is China Glaze Liquid Leather as a base, and butter London Lillibet’s Jubilee for the stamp.  I used two plates, BM14 and BM21.

Last week’s challenge was National Pet Day.  The only pet-type animal I had on a stamp was a poodle, so I tried to design something around that.

China Glaze For Audrey is the base, China Glaze Liquid Leather for the stamp and plates BM04 and BM09.  I had difficulty with the ‘L’ in ‘Love’, but I’m not sure if it was the polish or the stamp, or just me.  I also need to get better with placement, but that will come with more practice (I’m hoping, anyway).

This week’s challenge is for one of the longtime members of the group.  Her daughter’s ninth birthday is this weekend and she thought it might be fun if we all did something girly or used a stamp with the number 9.  I went with the girly theme:

I used Zoya Lara as the base color, and multiple colors for the designs, which came from Konad M3.

Flowers: Zoya Arizona; Solid Hearts: China Glaze Electric Beat; Solid Stars and Heart Outlines: Zoya Purity; Star Outlines: China Glaze For Audrey

The camera doesn’t show the orange flowers very well, but they showed up nicely in person.  I had fun doing this.   At first I thought it might look like just a mess, but the result came out very pretty.  Let me know if you agree!

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One Response to Sunday Stamping

  1. mchichester says:


    I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! 🙂

    Also, great stamps! I am not very good at it yet but need to practice. 🙂

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