Stamping Debut

There’s so many different nail art techniques and as a newbie to this obsessive hobby I am scrambling to catch up.  I finally tried my hand at stamping.  It is easy and hard.  Easy to get the stamp on the nail, hard to place it right and make sure the design is clear.  I’ve joined a stamping group on Facebook and hopefully through the weekly challenges I will get better over time.

My very first stamping:

I used my Barielle A Bouquet for Ava manicure (yesterday’s post) as my base color.  I thought a gold hue would look nice and so pulled out A England Princess Sabra for the stamp.  The plate is Konad M2.  I thought I did okay.  The placement on the middle nail was offcenter and on the rest not as close to the tip as I envisioned in my head, but for the first time, not bad.

I couldn’t get Princess Sabra as a stamping color out of my head, so I decided to use it for my next try.

I thought this turned out very nice!  A England Dragon is the base and BM19 is the plate.  The effect is subtle, but still visible.  I really like it!

A England polishes turn out to be very good for stamping.  Since they’re such beautiful colors to begin with, being able to use them with stamps is a bonus.

Have you tried stamping yet?  Do you like it?  Is there a polish that you’ve found is ideal for stamping?

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6 Responses to Stamping Debut

  1. normandlou says:

    The black and white Konad polishes are the best. Sally Hanson, Silver Sweep works great. Your nails look great!

  2. kat269 says:

    Love the subtle pattern on the green! The blue looks great too!

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