Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie Swatches

I was so impressed by Rescue Beauty Lounge Halcyon that I said to heck with my budget and ordered a whole bunch of Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes.  At $20 each, they are certainly pricier than others, however, there are more expensive polishes (such as Chanel for $26, Kate Spade for $28, etc) .  I don’t know enough to know how ingredients differ from brand to brand, or if the higher price is simply paying for the brand name.  Regardless, I couldn’t resist trying out more colors of Rescue Beauty Lounge.

Which brings me to the first of them: Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie.  Inspired by and named after the blogger, this polish is to die for.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie

Scrangie is a true purple with a green iridescent shimmer.  Scrangie (the blogger) says that they were going for the iridescent look of a beetle’s wing.  As you can see, the green shimmer is obvious head-on, but turn your nails to the side and it’s all purple.  This color was so great, I couldn’t stop looking at my nails all the time.  It’s one of those colors that really needs to be seen in person.

This is three coats.  I found the formula to be on the streaky side, so I did a third coat to fill in some bald patches.

This gets  for streaky formula, but phenomenal color.

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One Response to Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie Swatches

  1. Diana says:

    Nice color 🙂

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