Essie Wicked Swatches

I tend to favor bright vibrant colors in the bottle, but when it comes to how it looks on my hand, I have to admit that dark colors look best with my skin tone.  Every time I put on a dark color, I’m pleasantly surprised by the result.  I guess I need to invest in more dark colors!

Case in point: Essie Wicked.

Essie Wicked

Essie Wicked

Essie Wicked is a deep burgundy brown creme.  Simply a great vampy color!  Its reddish tone is more evident in the pictures than in actuality.  For the most part, it looked like a deep brown, almost black.  The burgundy tone would only come out when the light would hit it directly.  The chameleon change of the color and tone appeals to me.  I like that it can’t be nailed down to one predictable color.

The formula was thin and runny, which made it hard to control, but covered the nail nicely in two coats.  I really love this on me, but now looking at the photos, I realize I need to do a better job at clean-up!

I give this .  Runny formula, but excellent color.

Have you ever been surprised at how great a color looks on your nails?

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