Wacky Wednesday: Grunge Nails

Wacky Wednesdays is when I try new-to-me techniques.  I promise I will post how it turns out, no matter what it looks like!

Today I tried a new technique that involves painting on a lot of layers of polish and then removing some with nail polish remover.  The effect is hopefully one of artful grunge.

Left to right: OPI Black Onyx, butter London Blagger, Cult Nails Bad D.N., butter London Dosh, Zoya Pippa

I started with a base of OPI Black Onyx, two coats.  After that was completely dry, I applied butter London Blagger and Cult Nails Bad D.N. on half of each nail.  After letting that dry for a bit, I put butter London Dosh over the Bad D.N. and then Bad D.N over Blagger.  I let that dry and then put Zoya Pippa in the middle of each nail.  Then I let it all sit for a while to make sure it was all dry.  (Obviously, this is time consuming!)  When putting on each layer, don’t worry about perfection.  The key is for it to all be random.

Taking a small flat art brush dipped in nail polish remover, I ran it over each nail in random spots, trying to not remove layers all the way down to the bare nail.  I wasn’t completely successful, removing spots on my ring and middle fingers, near the base of the nail.  I dabbed a bit of black on each spot to fill them in.  After I was satisfied with the result (which was actually more like scared if I continued I’d take too many layers off), I put on a top coat of Seche Vite.

The more I look at it, the more I like it.  I think for it to be completely successful, I needed to apply thicker coats and let them dry longer.  Also, I think I should have stuck with only cremes.  butter London Dosh, while beautiful, has too much of a shimmer and pulled the focus away from the overall design.

Because of the dry time needed, this is a very time consuming process, even more so than water marbling.  However, it was fun trying to plan the layers and then seeing how it all looked together in the end.

What do you think?  Do you like it, or do you think it just looks messy?

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