Zoya Sienna

I don’t often cook, but I definitely love to eat.  This weekend, sick of sandwiches, takeout and canned soup, I decided to make a pasta dish with ground beef, onions, diced tomatoes, garlic and elbow macaroni.  Simple, right?  Just tell that to my thumb.  Halfway through dicing the onions, I sliced right into my thumb, all the way through the nail.  Yow!  Fortunately the knife had a straight edge and was super sharp.  The wound closed up pretty quickly.  It was painted at the time, and I waited until yesterday to remove the polish and really take a look at it.  It will take a few weeks for the nail to grow out, so no polish on my thumb for a while.  I’m glad I don’t need my thumb for swatching!  The takeaway from this experience is to avoid knives for awhile.  So back to sandwiches and takeout.

The polish I have for you today is one that I wore last week, Zoya Sienna.

Zoya Sienna in bright light

Zoya Sienna in low light

This is a fiery orange with yellow tones, packed with shimmer.  As you can see, even in low light, it’s still very bright.  I would call this a macro-shimmer, or even a micro-glitter, because the polish was noticeably grainy.  This was especially noticeable when it came time to take it off.  I didn’t have to resort to the foil method, but it took some doing to remove it.

It took 2.5 coats to get complete coverage.  Most nails took two coats, but some needed an extra layer in spots.  The formula was thick, but still manageable.  I really loved this color, especially when outside.  It was like having a sunset on my fingertips.

This was my first Zoya polish and I am very pleased with it.  The formula was good, the color was great.  I am puzzled by why it’s called Sienna, because the color sienna is actually an orange brown.  However the name doesn’t impact wearing it at all.

Do you have a favorite bright polish?  Tell me in the comments section!

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