butter London Blagger

What a beautiful day!  Bright blue sky, moderate temperature, green grass, blossoms on the trees.  It’s springtime in Virginia!  The only problem is the pollen.  Everything is covered in a fine film of yellow and my nose runs constantly.  Oh, well.  Nothing in life is perfect, as they say.

To celebrate the bright colors of spring, I’ve got butter London Blagger to show you.

butter London Blagger

A bright royal blue with a skosh of sky blue mixed in, this polish is divine.  It took two coats and the formula was great.  Easy application, not too thick, not too thin or streaky.  Blagger is pure saturated creme.  It looks lit from within, yet there’s no shimmer.  A clear winner and great addition to any stash.

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4 Responses to butter London Blagger

  1. Lacey says:

    HOLLY COW! I think you just totally sold me on this polish AND Butter London entirely haha

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