Essie Resort 2012 Collection – Swatches and Review

Today I review the Essie Resort 2012 Collection.  There are four colors, all in the pink/purple family.

Left-to-right: Pink-A-Boo, Sure Shot, She’s Picture Perfect, No More Film

These colors put me in mind of beautiful sunsets and summer camp.  Or a sunrise over North Beach, MD:

Ah, that was a beautiful morning!

First up is Pink-A-Boo, a sheer pink shimmer.

Essie Pink-A-Boo

This took 3 coats resulting in a bit of VNL.  Four coats will be needed for a more opaque color.  The soft baby pink has a densely-packed silver shimmer.  This is perfect for a summer cookout or outing to the park, paired with a flirty sundress and soft makeup.

Next is Sure Shot, a magenta frost.

Essie Sure Shot

The formula on this was thick.  My nails were almost covered in one coat.  I did a second coat, just to make sure there were no streaky spots.  The frost finish showed some of the brush strokes (clearly seen on the middle finger).  This is a very interesting color.  The photo doesn’t do it justice.  It is magenta, but there’s a reddish-orangey-pink tone to it, depending on the light.  A bright color with sex appeal.  I’d say this is perfect for a fun evening date.  Pair it with understated makeup and kickass heels.

Then there’s She’s Picture Perfect, a gorgeous iridescent lilac.

Essie She's Picture Perfect

This is my favorite in the collection.  The formula was nearly perfect, going on smoothly and self-leveling.  This is with two coats.  There’s a touch of pink iridescence, and the lilac has a blue tone.  I didn’t want to take it off to swatch the next one!  A pretty, yet relaxing color, I envision wearing this on a warm lazy day, sipping lemonade while sitting on the porch swing, dog at your feet.

The final color in the collection is No More Film, a dark purple creme.

Essie No More Film

The formula is very thick.  This is two coats, but one coat could do it if you were very careful.  Since it was thick, it was easy to get too much color on the brush, which made it gloopy on the nail.  To avoid that, I recommend doing two thin coats.  It is somewhat self-leveling, but only if there’s not too much polish on the nail.  This is a deep purple, with a blue tone in low light.  A creme, there are no flashes of any other color.  The color is mesmerizing, so rich and deep that it creates an absence of any other color.  Like a purple blackhole, but in a good way.  This is definitely to be paired with extreme eye makeup and an attitude.

Overall, this collection is a winner.  My favorites are She’s Picture Perfect and then Pink-A-Boo.  Both Sure Shot and No More Film were harder to work with.  Pink-A-Boo most likely has many dupes, so it’s possible that you already have something similar in your stash.

Which one do you like the best?

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