China Glaze Purple Panic

Matte alert!

I’ve searched all over the bottle, but nothing says China Glaze Purple Panic is matte.  But it is.  Very unexpected.  Matte can be tricky in my limited experience.  It starts drying rather fast on the nail and shows brush strokes.  I personally think it’s easier to use regular nail polish and then use a matte top coat.  But that’s just me.

My photo doesn’t do it justice, but you can see the matte effect the best on the pinky nail.

China Glaze Purple Panic matte

I elected to put a top coat on it, since I really wanted shiny pink.

China Glaze Purple Panic with topcoat

China Glaze Purple Panic is a richly saturated neon hot pink-fuchsia with a light purple iridescence, viewable only in direct light (as in the flash from the camera in the above picture).  I used two coats, but you could easily use just one if you’re very careful and apply the polish evenly.  After one coat, I ended up with some bald patches, which is why I applied the second coat.

I reached for this color today, because I was in the mood for a more “traditional” color.  I think pink, beige and red are the most traditional nail polish colors.  With all the warm weather we’re having, a bright neon color seemed perfect.  I’m looking forward to flashing them around today!

Overall, I liked this polish.  I wish it wasn’t matte, but that can be circumvented by using a regular top coat.

Have you ever been surprised by a nail polish?

Update: I went swimming and my nails looked awesome sparkling in the water!

Update squared: the mystery of the matte finish solved!

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One Response to China Glaze Purple Panic

  1. kat269 says:

    China glaze purple panic looks very pink, but I do like it. I am sure it gets lots of looks.

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