Butter London Dosh and Comedy of Errors

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  In honor of my Irish heritage, I have Butter London Dosh to show you.  It is a beautiful light green, the color of granny smith apples, with some gold shimmer.  The finish catches the light to give it a multi-dimensional feel.

Butter London Dosh

I had difficulty with this polish.  I believe it was my lack of experience more than anything else.  I learned a lot!  Let my mistakes be for your benefit.

First off, the above picture is the third time I’d applied this polish.  Third time!  The first time, it was very hot in my apartment.  This was on Thursday, when it got to be about 84 degrees in northern Virginia.  Believing that March is way too early for air conditioning, I tried to ventilate my apartment with wide open windows instead.  That didn’t work.  It got to be 80 degrees in my living room.  Which is where I was applying this polish.  The first coat went on very smoothly.  Then, as I started the second coat, the polish started getting glumpy and went on in thick strands of goo.  I thought there might be something wrong with this particular batch.  I finished up as best I could, and let it dry to see how bad it was.

It was bad.  The polish had dried in ridges and clumps.  I knew I’d have to try again.  That night, I opened the bottle and pulled out the brush to see what the polish looked like.  I expected clumps, but it ran smooth again.  By this time, it was 10 degrees cooler in my apartment.  That’s when I realized that the heat had been too much for the formula.

Next day, I took off the clumps and tried again.  This time the polish went on smoothly.  Yay!  I was so excited.  I got up from my desk to go sit on my couch to watch TV and keep my hands aloft and away from all surfaces until they dried.  And then promptly hit my right hand against the back of my chair, gouging the nails on my thumb and middle finger.  Arghh!  Time to get a quick dry top coat.

An hour later, I inspected the rest of my nails.  To my horror, air bubbles had popped up on every single one of them.  Quelle horreur!  How did this happen?

Butter London Dosh manicure with air bubbles

You can see them, especially on the middle finger.

That was yesterday.  So, today, I went out and got two things: Seche Vite quick dry top coat and Orly Bonder base coat.  Seche Vite to prevent my clutziness from undoing all my hard work and Orly Bonder to see if a better base coat helped with the air bubble problem.

As you can see from the top picture, it did!  No air bubbles on the nails I redid: index, middle and ring finger.  But, wait a minute, what’s that on the ring finger?  An imperfection on the tip of the nail, what’s that from?  Ladies, make sure that at least thirty seconds elapse from the time you put on a coat of polish and you put on the top coat.  I didn’t wait long enough, and the brush of the Seche Vite pulled at the polish, making a little mound of polish at the end.

So, lots learned from this:

  • Apply polish in a cool environment (certainly less than 80 degrees!)
  • Use a top notch base coat
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds before applying the top coat
  • To minimize the chance of messing up your work, use a quick dry top coat

Note: a great many nail bloggers swear by Seche Vite and now I can see why.  Just a few minutes and the polish is dry.  Plus, the nail itself feels like glass.  Very smooth.  The recommendation for Orly Bonder comes from 2011 fan favorites on All Lacquered Up.

Please, share your own horror stories in the comments and what you did to resolve the problem.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!

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3 Responses to Butter London Dosh and Comedy of Errors

  1. Becky says:

    My old apartment didn’t have central A/C and all I had was a crappy window unit, so the entire summer that I lived there I basically had to live with air bubbles on my nails! There was no getting around it, lol!

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