Weekend Nails

I was visiting my parents this past weekend and my polish started to chip, so I decided to do my nails even though I didn’t have any tools with me.  I got remover, cotton balls, base coat and what I thought would be a deep purple color, at the local drug store.  With my dad looking on, I did my nails:

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Grape Escape

Just looking at my handiwork makes me cringe.  I’m not yet practiced enough to paint my nails without covering my cuticles.  And I had a mishap while trying to clean them up.  Since I didn’t have anything with me, I tried to use a bit of paper towel wrapped around the end of a toothpick, dipped in remover.  Believe me, these are cleaned up!  I had poured a little of the remover into the cap in order to make it easier to dip the toothpick into.  Once I was done, I picked up the cap to put it back on the bottle, totally forgetting that there was remover still in it!  It went all over my hand and down my sleeve.  The nails on my index and pointer fingers were drenched, making the polish a little blurry.  My dad said, “All that trouble for what?”  Fuming at myself, I answered, “Because it’s pretty!!”  He just shook his head.

The polish itself is okay.  It’s called Grape Escape and definitely is purple in direct light.  In low light however, it trends toward blue.  I was hoping for more shimmer, but the color looks flat.  Coverage was good; this was two coats.  It dried pretty fast (within 5 minutes), even with a top coat.  However, the brush was different than anything I’d seen or used before.  It was short and wide, which made it difficult to manipulate.  The stem of the brush was flat and wide, almost as wide as the mouth of the bottle, which made inserting it to get more polish like a game of ‘Operation’.

Overall, this is going on my ‘use as last resort’ pile.  It was too difficult for me to apply and the color was a bit of a disappointment.

Tell me, have you used this type of brush before?  What was your experience?

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